Thursday, June 10, 2021

FOOD :: I have to share...

 I have been working very hard on my food supplies, my meals, my health, my budget... I have to say that I realized this month that I have never had so much food in my whole life... and even more organic food.  

I now have a monthly CSA delivery -- not much, but if they didn't deliver, I wouldn't have it.  I hope to see what kinds of foods grow locally this summer and fall.  :-)  

I have a container garden this year with 

  • two tomato plants
  • strawberries
  • vine peas
  • leaf lettuce
  • garlic scallions
  • organic white potatoes
  • store bought red potatoes
  • sweet basil

I am hoping to find more money to get containers, dirt, and some long-term plants :: rhubarb, blueberries, and asparagus.  That's not a sure thing.

I am trying to increase my food budget by $40 this month and through the summer by using my EBT/SNAP benefits to get Double-Up Bucks at the local Farmer's Markets.  I also signed up for the SENIOR Farm Checks this year... which is $24 to spend at the Farmer's Markets.

This month I am TRYING to shop once a week.  I started this last month but didn't do too good at it.  This month has problems, too, but I may end the month on budget... maybe.  I don't know how much I need to buy to eat for just one week.  I am learning by trial and error.  This month, with the Farmer's Market foods, I will still need to supplement with store foods.  Learning how to buy the ongoing staples like flour, sugar, etc., is also a challenge. 

That's what improving your life is all about :: tying, learning, starting over, getting better, looking for new ways to solve problems... it make the future better, but when you are very poor the mistakes can be hard to overcome.  I ended up homeless in the past.  I am trying not to have that happen again.

We never really know how a new effort will work out.  We just have to try.  Then we use those experiences to make the next effort better.

I just finished a post on some things I learned from YouTube (free to watch) about a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Check it out and see if what I shared there will help you.

I wanted to share about my food situation because there is hope that poverty will never change.  You can find a way to build your food supplies... even with the government's level of food support.  It's a long hard struggle, but it matters... especially if you have kids.

I am just beginning to review my online strategies again... so watch for changes.  The problems are the same, but I have been trying to find answers... I just haven't found the ones that work for me yet.  :-)

Until next post, 

In Christ,

Deborah Martin,

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