Wednesday, April 22, 2015

22 APR 2015 :: Just a quick note

I found two really great old cookbooks today, at the Salvation Army's 50% Sale Day that I love to go to...from the early health movements.

One is called ::  WHOLE-GRAIN BAKING SAMPLER by Beatrice Trum Hunter.  I have been browsing through it and am already impressed by some of the bread recipes.  I am looking forward to trying them... and maybe the cracker recipes, too.  I would love to master the healthy cracker and eat it instead of bread when I can.  Then I can move on to chips for my salsa and bean dip cravings.  :-)

The other one is called ::  THE SIMPLER LIFE COOKBOOK from Arrowhead Mills, by Frank Ford.  I wanted this one because it has a section describing some of the health foods I read about but don't really understand why they are important. 

I will be sharing these efforts with you as time goes by.  Maybe I need to create a book review focus!
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